3 Common Myths about Healthcare Informatics Career

July 23, 2017 | By admin | 0 Comments

Healthcare Informatics is an emerging field in the healthcare industry that combines information technology, communications, and healthcare to enhance the quality and safety of patient care. Many of us probably have the wrong idea about health informatics. After all, it’s a relatively new area, and most of its facts are still unrevealed.

There are some potential myths regarding this revolutionary new health care field that may stop you from pursuing it as a career. If so, here are few myths about this growing field that we will debunk to give you a clearer view of what this career entails.

There Will Be No Growth In The Future

Most people believe that this new evolution in health informatics is just a temporary solution to standard medical practices, so it is not worth opting for jobs in health informatics.

We live in a modern era of technology where computers enable us to compile and distribute information in ways that seemed miraculous just a decade ago. Not only is health informatics rising at a rapid pace, but it’s also helping us to boost the quality of healthcare and reduce costs at the same time.  Health informatics is a rapidly growing career that is going to experience a massive growth in future.

Only Computer Experts Can Opt For This Career

There is no doubt that computers form the backbone of health informatics, but it is a human being who controls them. Certain fields of health informatics demand the knowledge and skills in computer science and programming, but not all fields do.

A healthcare informatics specialist has two paths to choose from – either computer science or clinical care. Many doctors and other health professionals move to health informatics without having knowledge in programming or IT. Some jobs in health informatics are a cross between medical and computer skills, so it’s not mandatory for you to be a genius in computers. Other skills in this field will also benefit you.

You Have To Be Young

Some believe that the field of health informatics only has possibilities for young students and new graduates. Real-world practice and experience matters when it comes to getting a job in healthcare informatics. Many healthcare organizations like to hire professionals with many years of experience in the industry. So this ever expanding field is for people of any age who have any background in this field. Many times, a sports management degree or a degree in business may be offered as a combined degree program with health informatics.

If you have the passion for making a career in health informatics, go for it. Don’t let these myths stop you from achieving your dream.